Wall Stabilisation

We secure your movements and your works. We embody the perfect combination of rope work and geotechnical engineering.

Your constraints

  • Limited or impossible access for cranes and drilling equipment
  • Imminent danger of landslide for the work crew due to natural erosion or blasting work
  • A working environment at a height or enclosed space to be secured for travel and routine operations maintenance, repair or construction
  • A work to protect
  • Quick and safe intervention

Our solutions

  • Analysis of needs and places
  • Choice of the intervention method (faster than a traditional method)
  • Installation and use of adequate equipment:
  • Safety chipping to knock down the most dangerous blocks
  • Anchoring blocks that can not be dislodged
  • Drilling in confined spaces or inaccessible to traditional drilling units
  • Laying fences and nets against the wall to hold the unstable blocks in place after a wall rupture
  • Cables and nets or barrier screens. Like a fence made up of poles and tensioned cables (guy wires) which makes it possible to form a dynamic screen in order to stabilize and stop bigger monolithic blocks
  • Accompaniment and supervision of professionals in the field