Customized training

We transfer the best of our knowledge to your teams.

Whatever your needs, we are able to offer you adapted and progressive training on work at height and in confined spaces as well as related safety measures and procedures.

We master all existing constraints; climatic, geological, thermal, chemical, health and safety etc.


At Horizon Vertical, our Level III technicians are trained to train our team members on safe stretches, lifts and rope supports.

We have all the necessary equipment and practice-friendly places in our training school.

An evaluator external to the organization mandated by the SPRAT (Society of Profesional Rope Acess Technicians) grants a certification of rope accessor depending on the evaluated level. There are currently 3 levels of certification.

Level I: operator under the direct supervision of a Level II technician. He performs the work.

The rope access worker (Level I) must have the appropriate training and qualifications to conduct standard rope access operations under the direct supervision of a Level III Supervisor or a Senior Technician (Level I). II) with rope access and, at a minimum, be able to perform a limited rescue from a rope access system.

Level II: Supervisor of the physical operations of repair, construction and maintenance. He evaluates the safety and the smooth progress of the work.

A Senior Technician (Level II) must have the appropriate training, experience and qualifications to perform any rope access work, installation of ropes and, at a minimum, standard rescue procedures under the direction of a supervisor of access with ropes (level III).

Level III: responsible for the conduct of construction site operations and security. He is responsible for the work team and is the official representative for the management of the project with the client.

A rope access supervisor (Level III) must have overall responsibility for the entire rope access work site and all personnel assigned to this site.